P90X3 Review: Is 30 Minutes Enough to Get you a Beach-Ready Body?

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P90X3After the success of the P90X and P90X2, it was only a matter of time before the popular Beachbody workout program got another upgrade. After seeing the improvements and differences between the first and second installments of the P90X workout series, it stands to reason that the P90X3 is going to be even more strenuous, but get more of the results that you expect when you enter the P90X workout and training program.

But does the P90X3 live up to its reputation as the successor to the most challenging home exercise programs ever created? Does it bring those satisfying, classic Tony Horton workouts that have brought so many people all over the world into the realm of fitness and healthy living? Or is the P90X3 a third installment of an already great product that is just trying to milk as much money out of its fan base as possible?

What is the P90X3?

To answer these questions in this P90X3 review, we took a hard and close look at all three of the P90X programs and what we have found surprised us. The P90X3 isn’t really a “brand new” workout program in the series, it’s more of a combination of the P90X and the P90X2 workout programs, only modified, kicked up to the next level and with even more results-driven scientific power behind the exercises.

p90x3-exercisesIf you’re unfamiliar with the P90X workout programs (any one of the three), they are simply the best way to blast your body into the ultimate shape in as little time possible. Because of the way the exercise program is constructed, you only need a few minutes a day for a couple of months and you will get the most toned muscles you’ve ever had through these shred-heavy exercises.

The program consists of exercises that are built around the P90X’s core belief system that is based on four powerpoints of muscle gain and results:

1. Resistance Training
2. Cardiovascular Fitness Training
3. Power Training
4. Core Flex and Balance Training

Who Created the P90X3?

Tony HortonThe P90X3 was created by legendary fitness trainer, Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr. Of course, you probably know him better by his trainer name, Tony Horton. Tony Horton created the original P90X workout program that skyrocketed to success with its no-nonsense, high intensity interval training approach to blasting the average body into above-average shape in as little time possible.

Tony was born in Connecticut and went to the University of Rhode Island before moving out West to L.A. to become an actor and stand-up comedian. To pay the bills, Tony became a personal trainer where he really found his calling, creating ASH Fitness in Santa Monica. His P90X exercise program trilogy has sold millions world-wide, making him one of the most influential and successful personal trainers to ever walk the Earth.

The P90X3 Workouts

As we mentioned above, all of the P90X3 workouts are based on the classic tenets of the P90X system: Resistance Training, Power Training, Cardiovascular Training and Core Flex and Balance Training. Around these, the P90X3 delivers a powerful punch of exercises that will rip your body into shape, no matter what shape it’s currently in.

And because Tony Horton understands just how many shapes and levels of fitness are out there, he has designed four workouts for the P90X3, giving you more versatility and options than ever before:

1. P90X3 Classic: A great way for beginners and intermediate to take their current body shape and completely overhaul it through powerful workouts that are perfectly designed for creating a solid core base from which to build.

classic schedule

2. P90X3 Double: This is the double exercise that will get you double the results, made for those who want an even faster way to blast their body into shape. Be warned, though—this isn’t an easy workout to do once, let alone twice a day.
3. P90X3 Lean: Some people prefer lean muscles instead of bulky, ripped muscles—if that’s what you are looking for, the P90X3 Lean workout is made for you with endurance, tone and athletics in mind.
4. P90X3 Mass: Of course, if you do want that mass and power, the P90X3 Mass workouts build you that bulk and raw power that makes it perfect for any strength training enthusiast.

Does the P90X3 Work?

So, the big question that remains with the P90X3 isn’t really “does it work?” it’s what makes the P90X3 so different than the other P90X programs or even other workout programs that promise the same thing? For that, the real meat of the P90X3 rests in the fact that Tony Horton added one big twist to the new P90X3: Muscle Acceleration.

In each of the P90X3 workouts, the reason why they work so much better than any other exercise program out there is because of this new factor Tony added. Muscle Acceleration is what all the top trainers use to get professional athletes into the tip-top peak performance needed to compete on a pro level. This ensures that you get maximum results in the smallest amount of time possible, simply by accelerating your muscles to the extreme limits of the human body. Here’s few Before/After results from real P90X3 users:

This is why the P90X3 works in just 90 days—because for six days out of the week, you are pushing your muscles to the limit for 30 minutes each day. Your body gives everything it has and is forced to accelerate its growth and fitness to keep up. Plus, with the P90X3 Meal Plan, you’ll worry more about basic portion control of a fortified diet, eating the proper nourishment through whole foods while drinking plenty of water and taking the proper minerals and vitamins—all at the “right” time to eat.

P90X3 Review Conclusion

The bottom line here is that the P90X3 holds up the tradition of Tony Horton’s mind and body-blowing workout trilogy, the P90X system. You’ll experience a body like you’ve never had before as the workouts that are tailor-made for your fitness level blast your body into shape. Whether you want lean, toned muscles that provide you with the athleticism and endurance you need to make it through the day or you want to bulk up and add mass to your strength training, the P90X3 continues to shine as one of the most powerful home workout programs ever made.

In just 30 minutes a day, six days a week for 2 to 3 months, you can have the perfect beach body that you’ve always wanted. The p90X3 comes with 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee (Not 30-Day!) plus, by following the link below right now you get some very special offers on the official website of the P90X3, a Fitness Guide, a Nutrition GuideP90X3 Calendar“How to Accelerate” DVD and 24/7 Online Support absolutely Free!

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